Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions are the bread and butter of AATSI.  This is where the biggest impact is made.  We teach the You Project training program which consists of one-on-one mentoring for either 8 sessions, 5 sessions, or 4 sessions (including group sessions).  These mentoring sessions are conducted by our AATSI Certified Trainers and last between 1–1 ½ hours.  There are weekly assignments given to each mentee or individual being mentored.  We teach Self Investment, therefore, there is a cost to the training program.  We want to keep the training program and individual coaching sessions at a reasonable investment ranging anywhere from 1/2% – 2% of current annual post-secondary education costs (Average cost 2012 – $22,00 annually; tuition, fees, books, room and board-private, public – for profit/non-profit institutions).


We prepare future community leaders to get a specific education, plan for success, strategize their lives, and take action toward individual fulfillment.  AATSI teaches the Five Pillars of Self Investment through The You Project manual which are; planning, educating yourself, strategic thinking, becoming a purposeful individual, and how to budget your money and time.  Combining these five areas of life enable individuals to tie purpose to their every thought and action.

Coaching Sessions$60 – $375

$60 – Single session

$175 – 4 sessions

$250 – 5 sessions

$375 – 8 sessions

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